How to Write a Strong Argumentative Thesis Using Reasoning and Evidence

Writing a successful and interesting argumentative paper can be a daunting task. Its essential to keep the reader(s) engaged, while also effectively getting your point (or argument) across. Coming up with a strong thesis is the foundation for all of this. Before coming up with a thesis for your argumentative essay, you must first look at what you hope to achieve in your paper. Let’s take a look at a few essential things:

  • The planning stages
  • For your argumentative paper to be considered a success there must be certain components present that will persuade the reader(s) to see your point of view.

    This is where finding a good topic comes in (because you can’t create a thesis without a topic). When you are looking at potential topics, select ones that spark a strong sense of interest. However, with this being said, keep in mind that having a strong interest in the topic doesn’t necessarily mean the paper will be a success. You must also select a topic that has two conflicting views, as this will be the basis for your paper.

  • Gather the evidence
  • Once you have selected your topic (you still haven’t created your thesis yet), take a look at the evidence and support you will need to not only come up with a strong thesis, but to write a strong paper period. In your paper you will briefly discuss both sides of your topic, however the evidence that you provide will help readers to see why you believe one side of the argument is better than the other.

  • Time for the thesis
  • Once you have selected your topic and created an outline that consists of the evidence and research you’ll be using, you can now come up with that one sentence that will be the foundation for your entire paper. Now remember the main goals of a successful thesis statement is to announce your stance on the argument, illustrate your evidence, and create the outline for your argument, all in one. It can seem a bit challenging but that’s why you do the outline and research before the writing stage. This will offer you a more organized way of creating your paper.

  • Don’t be afraid of controversy
  • One more things to consider is not to be afraid of a little controversy. Essentially, that is the point of an argumentative essay.

Just remember to have fun at the same time. Being stressed will not result in an A+ paper. Getting your PhD or bachelor thesis done by writing professional is a good tip for stress reduction and time saving.

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