A List Of The Most Inspiring Dissertation Topics On Art History

If you’re studying art history then you may have some ideas in mind if you need to write my dissertation; however, if you’re struggling to think of a good title for your piece of work then you may be trying to find inspiration from other sources.

This article will explain a bit more about what you may do to help you think of a good topic, as well as providing a list of useful ideas that may inspire you.

Spend a few minutes to note down any ideas that you can think of

A really good technique is to find a time when you have nothing else to do, so that you can really concentrate, and then note down any ideas that come to your head about art history. By writing down as many topics and ideas as possible, it will give you a basis for narrowing down to the perfect title.

You don’t necessarily need to worry about whether the idea is a good or bad at the time, just simply write them all down and see what happens. There is a good chance that most of them will be unsuitable for the work that you wish to do; however, there may be a few that are quite promising.

In fact, you may find that some of the ideas that you originally thought were unsuitable turn out to be really useful with a few minor adjustments. Equally, you may find that you have written down an idea that you don’t particularly like, but that it helps to inspire some further ideas, one of which you may end up using for your work.

Before you note down any ideas you may have, you may wish to get inspiration from the range of different topics relating to art history that have been listed below.

  • An in depth study of art in Ancient Greece
  • How important is art when it comes to analysis and learning about history?
  • A study of your favourite artist from the expressionism period
  • How was Cubism developed and what impact did it have on the art world?
  • Preservation methods for ancient artworks
  • An examination of the short-lived Dadaism art movement
  • Who is the most influential artist in history?
  • A comparison of 18th century Western and Eastern art works
  • The origins of modern art
  • A study of the Dutch masters from the Dutch Golden Age

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