The Top 20 Successful Dissertation Topics On Women

If you want to create a strong and impressive paper about women, take care to choose an inspiring and interesting topic for your research. Women’s issues are broad and many-sided; what you should do is select a niche and come up with the topics ideas that will be remarkable and controversial. Women’s rights, feminism, women in sports, health, motherhood, sexuality, and women of different cultures – these are the niches to choose from. Make your mind and invent a successful topic for your dissertation. The following list of topics on women presented by MyDissertationTeam:

  1. How did female image change in a course of time?
  2. Investigate the influence of trends from the past (wearing corsets, behavior rules, men dominating) on the appearance of women of those times. What affects female image nowadays?
  3. The effect of “beautism” on the mental and physical health of teenage girls.
  4. Are pubescent girls too oppressed these days with the ideas to look like their idols?
  5. Women in advertising: do they reflect modern trends or uncover deep-rooted stereotypes?
  6. Women and weapon: does carrying guns make women more dangerous?
  7. Women in the military: should women be allowed to fight in wars equally with men?
  8. How are modern Indian women influenced by the existing cultural and religious traditions of their country?
  9. Can modern female citizens of Islamic countries be considered as victims?
  10. Can women make good wines?
  11. Women’s breast cancer: is radical mastectomy the only way to get over an illness?
  12. Heart diseases as the first killers of women.
  13. Are women inclined to cheating on their partners?
  14. Woman’s hair and Sikh religion: is there a germ of truth in Sikh faith?
  15. How did feminism affect the development of Oedipus complex?
  16. Women and history of your country: what roles do they play in it?
  17. How are women portrayed in comics?
  18. What are the peculiarities of women’s journalism? How do female articles differ from the men-written samples?
  19. The act of kidnapping a bride in some countries: is it a good tradition or the violation of rights?
  20. Why do women and men receive unequal incomes?
  21. The historical practice of wife-selling: can it be considered as a step towards feminism?
  22. Women in politics: what characteristics should women have to succeed in politics? Is politics elaborated mostly for men?

You may create a particular and specific topic on the bases of aforementioned topic ideas. Be bold and make your professor think, “wow, this is a powerful paper!”

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