Dissertation Topics On Sport: Top 28 Interesting Ideas

Writing a dissertation on sports can be a fun idea. It gets even better when the dissertation that you are about to write is about a sporting activity that you love. The following are some simple topics that you can present when you are given such a task to write about:

  1. Discuss some common concerns with respect to coaching in schools
  2. Explain why gender disparity is a major challenge in sports
  3. Explain how politics has ruined the quality of sports
  4. Discuss why influence from outsiders affects the development of sports at the basic levels
  5. Explain how fixing takes place, and discuss the ramifications of the same
  6. Discuss the challenges that women in sports face in the developing countries
  7. Explain the importance of athletic fitness in sporting
  8. Discuss the flaws that the relevant associations are guilty of when it comes to doping in sports
  9. Discuss the tribulations that the governing body in football FIFA has been undergoing in terms of corruption
  10. Explain why the developing countries need to work even harder to raise the profile of football in their countries
  11. Should more emphasis be placed on sports as is the case with other subjects like math in school?
  12. Offices need to embrace recreational sports in order to boost fitness and tackle rising stress levels
  13. Explain why the businesses that are associated with sporting activities are supposed to be directly under the government
  14. Poor athletes in school are supposed to be given free medical care – discuss
  15. Discuss some of the infrastructural changes that can be implemented when it comes to sports to improve it for the future.
  16. What kind of reforms would you propose in the sporting industry for a given game that you are enthusiastic about?
  17. Discuss why pension schemes need to be established for different kinds of sporting activities
  18. Sports management committees are supposed to look into the different social concerns that players have, not the players themselves
  19. Discuss why the World Cup is more famous in football and rugby than cricket
  20. Discuss the reason why college level sports teams should be allowed to hire coaches from national levels
  21. Discuss how a particular sporting activity has evolved over the past 10 years
  22. Discuss the positive impact that sports has on children
  23. Address the challenges that sports bettors face in their lives
  24. Discuss some of the pitfalls that students face when they engage in high school sports
  25. What are some of the lifelong benefits of engaging in sports from childhood?
  26. Explain how character development in young people is supported by sports
  27. Discuss how physics comes into play when dealing with sports
  28. Explain how sports can bring about a positive impact in the academic life of a student

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