How To Select Great Dissertation Topics In 4 Simple Steps

Dissertation does not sprout out of sudden inspiration like a Coleridge’s Kubla Khan. It is a methodical, time-taking and organized work. You need to be systematic even while selecting a proper topic for the academic work.

Convenience of selection

The underlying problem with dissertation is that it tends to deflate you midway. Many students fall short of the ultimate promise and leave the arena before the game is over. You have to be diligent in all its aspects; even the selection of topic. However, if you proceed in an organized manner, you will find the selection procedure convenient

Here is how you choose the dissertation topic in 4 steps

  1. Assess your capacity – It is admitted that you hold enough grounds in the subject, having reached the Doctoral stage. Yet, there may be areas where you feel disconcerted or not quite sure-footed. Assess your strengths and weaknesses in relation to the subject. Streamline your selection accordingly.
  2. Look for relevance – Now that you have categorized the topics according to your strengths and weaknesses, you need to ascertain whether the short-listed topics are relevant to the scheme of things or not. This will call for further segregation. Also, the topic should allow enough space for proper sampling and survey.
  3. Fervent analysis – Make an impartial assessment on whether you will be able to probe and enquire into the various facets of the topic for a clinical dissertation. Assess whether you will be able to carve a significant conclusion for the benefit of readers. Analyze whether you can utilize pivotal points and junctures in order to create a progressive statement.
  4. Options and resources – Check whether you have the facility of connecting with laureates on the topic and glean pearls of wisdom from them. You should be fully aware of the quality of resources you may have at your disposal. All your efforts and enquiries should be towards divining a compact dissertation.

When you have met all these criteria with a topic, you can confidently select it.

Boss is always right

Remember that before you complete the whole work, you will have to present a dissertation proposal. This is to convince the instructor about your authority on the subject and topic. He should gather that you are well-equipped to write a scything and elaborate piece of research work. Your instructor’s suggestions are peremptory and you may even have to reshape the mold in compliance to his instructions.

Plan sincerely

Create a clear plan for time-management, resource-planning, format styling and Methodology. The work demands time and labor and you should not take a short cut. You cannot compromise on the systemization of the project. Before that, you have to pick a resounding topic to advance on.

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